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The perfect backpack vacuum cleaner should be lightweight, compact, and have a lot of suction. When it comes to designing a backpack vacuum it is difficult to incorporate all of these traits into one model. Proteam is the first companies worldwide to produce a hybrid backpack unit that has all three of these traits. Proteam has accomplished this by redesigning the traditional backpack unit that manufacturers have produced over the past fifteen years. The new design of this vacuum is compact enough so that a single waist strap belt is enough to support the unit on the users back. Most traditional backpack vacuum cleaners utilize a rucksack like design that has both shoulder straps and a waist strap in turn constraining the user from bending over. This is important when vacuuming because removing larger obstacles that are in the way can be a time-consuming and arduous event. The new Proteam vacuum cleaner named the Super Halfvac is revolutionary and will change the way future backpack units are designed.

The Proteam Super Halfvac is compact and uses a small but powerful motor to power the vacuum system. The motor itself is an 8.8 amp unit that creates over 110 cubic feet per minute of air flow. When measured against other backpack vacuum cleaners it produces over 106 inches a static lift which beats most other units in its price range. The vacuum has a unique design and is a third of the size of its comparable competitors and produces the same power. It is important when purchasing a backpack vacuum cleaner to consider the type of environment you're going to be cleaning. For green buildings is important to remember that the sound level of the running vacuum must be below 69 decibels to decrease noise pollution in the surrounding environment. Filtration is another attribute to consider especially when cleaning clean air critical environments such as medical facilities, nursing homes or locations with electrical units such as computers or other delicate hardware. The Super Halfvac features five levels of filtration which is unheard of in the vacuum market. In today's standards HEPA rated vacuums need to filter up to .3 microns of contaminants from the air by utilizing either bag or exhaust filtration. This unit accomplishes this task by first using a dome filter that filters the incoming air before releasing it into the main vacuum chamber. Once the incoming air has reached this chamber it is filtered by a cloth filter bag which surrounds a traditional micro filter paper vacuum bag. Once the debris is caught in this paper bag the airflow then moves through the vacuum motor and into an exhaust dual HEPA filter which completes the airflow process through the machine. It is important when cleaning green LEED certified buildings to use equipment that meets the building standards.

Overall the Proteam Super Halfvac HEPA vacuum cleaner is a leader worldwide in the vacuum industry. For under $600 this unit has the combined features of both a traditional backpack unit and the upright units of old. This vacuum should have a lifecycle of approximately 10 years and can be rebuilt when internal parts fail. Proteim parts are easy to find at any protein Internet store or dealer. Compared to other vacuum cleaner parts, Proteam parts are considerably less expensive and are easier to find.

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