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 Proteam Vacuums : Megavac Vacuum Review

The ProTeam MegaVac is a workhorse designed to handle the toughest jobs.  Equipped with the most powerful motor offered by ProTeam, the MegaVac is indispensible in industrial settings and even construction environments.  The dynamic design of this backpack vacuum cleaner allows it to convert to a high-powered blower while maximizing filtration with its sizable filter—a feature that is an absolute must in certain environments such as construction and industrial manufacturing.

One of the most appealing things about the MegaVac Proteam vacuum is just how many accessories are included right from the get-go.  The standard package includes a 1 ˝” static dissipating vacuum hose, 50’ extension power cord and two Intercept Micro Filters.  This backpack model also comes with a sturdy tool kit that includes a 17” Crevice Tool, a 3” Dust Brush with Reducer, a 5” Upholstery Tool, a 14” Easy Glide Floor Tool with Nylon Brush and a 56” One-Piece, Two-Bend Aluminum Wand with button-lock.  The versatility of tools in this kit means that virtually any environment can be maintained.  This is important in construction to reduce the amount of dust particulates that can be stirred up during the construction process.  This also holds true on the industrial floor where manufacturing machinery can become impaired if care isn’t taken to maintain surrounding areas.

The ability to customize a vacuum cleaner is both appealing and money-saving.  The ProTeam MegaVac has a number of additional tool kits and accessories available to customize it for almost any use in a variety of environments.  Filtration options include a Micro Cloth Filter and ProTeam’s Intercept Micro Filter.  The large, 10 quart size of the filters make short work of a majority of cleaning tasks and are indispensible in areas that need to maintain reduced airborne particle dust.

The durability and attention to detail that this backpack vacuum cleaner offers extends to its warranty as well.  The MegaVac comes with an outstanding warranty, making it an incredible value.  The 3/3/3/Lifetime Warranty is exceptional in that it provides 3 years of protection on parts, 3 years of protection on the motor and even 3 years of coverage on labor.  The molded body of the unit is covered under the warranty for life.  The generous 3/3/3/Lifetime Warranty is something that is incredible given the types of hard-core environments that this unit was designed to clean and the types of materials that it was anticipated to pick up.  The Proteam MegaVac also comes with a top of the line commercial Domel vacuum motor which is one of the best vacuum motors ever made.

Overall, the ProTeam MegaVac is one tough machine designed to tackle the toughest jobs out there in the construction and manufacturing industries.  The fact that it has the toughest motor and one of the best warranties is what makes it one of the cleaning industries most reliable machines.  In addition to its rugged design and superior warranty, the ability to customize the MegaVac to suit a variety of needs with the variety of tools designed to fit it is what makes it a best-seller year-after-year.



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