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 There are a number of backpack vacuum cleaners on the market that can make light work of even the dirtiest of buildings.  This article is devoted to the ProTeam BP Backpack Vacuum and its suitability in a variety of applications, both commercial and residential.  The BP Backpack is especially appealing because it was originally designed with the hospitality and restaurant industries in mind.  The end result is a cleaning machine capable of handling not only those environments, but most others as well.

The ProTeam ProVac BP is a lightweight and efficient proteam vacuum, weighing in at only 9 pounds and featuring a rugged main unit that is not only durable, but basically incapable of being destroyed.  Combined with a five-year motor warranty when the optional restaurant kit is purchased, this compact model is a hit both in foodservice and outside of it.  Designed without beater bars, brushes or even belts, the ProVac BP is able to provide superior cleaning power with an airflow rating of 124 CFM, a 75 inch static lift capacity and a four level filtration system.

One of the reasons that this particular backpack model is so efficient is the optional restaurant kit.  The kit includes a lengthy 11” crevice tool, handy for upholstered seating in any foodservice, office or home setting.  The kit also comes with a 5” upholstery tool and two separate 14” floor tools, useful on a variety of flooring.  The 56” aluminum wand is a generous length that allows the operator to reach under tables, desks and other furniture as well as allowing for high-level cleaning on areas like ceiling fans, corners where walls and ceilings meet and tall bookcases.  The wand is in two pieces with two bends and can be configured to adapt to any cleaning situation.  The wand’s two pieces fit together with the snap of a button or can be used alone if the extra length is not needed for a particular application.

The other thing that is nice about the ProTeam ProVac BP vacuum is that there are so many additional accessories available that it is possible to modify this unit so that it can be used in a variety of applications and buildings.  While it was designed originally with the hospitality and foodservice industries in mind, the available accessories make this perfect for offices, homes and commercial buildings.  For example, there is an optional 42-59” aluminum telescoping wand that offers the convenience of split second sizing to accommodate distant reaches or close-up use.  There are a variety of hand tools and kits in addition to the restaurant kit that make this a perfect vacuum model for things like car-detailing or small shops.  A homeowner who purchases this unit would be able to appreciate the optional floor tools available that are capable of cleaning carpeting, hard flooring or even upholstery and drapes.

Another feature that this handy backpack vacuum offers is a good filtration system and a selection of filters that are capable of handling fine particles, such as those that cause issues for people with breathing problems.  This makes the ProTeam ProVac BP a valuable tool in situations like hospitals and nursing homes as well as in areas of commercial buildings that are prone to fine-particle pollutants like entryways or airborne dust produced by manufacturing.

Overall, the ProVac BP is a great vacuum cleaner for a variety of situations, and the generous warranty is a great incentive for customers who intend to purchase a quality machine.  The standard 3-year motor warranty is extended to 5 years with the purchase of the handy restaurant kit, making this a no-brainer when it comes to equipment investment.  The wide selection of kits, tools, filters and other accessories available with this durable unit make this an appealing choice for many seeking a versatile and dependable vacuum cleaner.  Proteam parts are easy to find online or at a local cleaning products dealer and are reasonably priced.

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